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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

*This product requires a current MSDN licensing agreement, if you do not have an MSDN agreement, please take a look at our Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise with MSDN & SA license here.*

Create complete web solutions with the latest edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. Visual Studio is Microsoft's lead developer tool with full access and the most coordination across development teams of virtually any size. With this download available, you will receive the full license digitally through Microsoft's licensing portal. With improvements for solution load performance, this edition of Visual Studio will allow users to handle large C# and Visual Basic solutions at twice the speed of prior versions. New keyboard mapping as well as core analysis improvements make this the best version of Visual Studio for developers to date.

From older editions such as 2013, you will find multiple editions of Visual Studio provided by us. We provide installation support on our purchases as well, so if there are any issues that arise you will be able to reach out to us and get taken care of. If you are looking for an older version, you can take a look at our Visual Studio collection and look through which version fits your needs best.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Professional with MSDN and Software Assurance

Design applications from development through deployment using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Professional. The professional version includes all of the tools and capabilities you need to create truly dynamic programs. Visual Studio Professional subscription boasts an open license and is sold with Software Assurance so you’ll always have access to the latest updates and upgrades. Order the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional with MSDN promotion today and enjoy fast access as soon as the software is downloaded. Orders placed during our normal business hours are electronically delivered within 30 minutes.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Professional is the latest version of Visual Studio, the powerful application-development software platform from Microsoft. Professional features a host of enterprise-driven features, such as collaboration tools, team productivity metrics and subscriptions to core Microsoft applications plus Azure. Get your Microsoft Visual Studio open license plus MSDN and Software Assurance from our Microsoft Silver Partners..

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Microsoft Development Network is widely referred to as MSDN its abbreviation form. MSDN is the part of the Microsoft that is responsible for the firm's relationship management with testers and developers such as the hardware developers that are interested in the OS (Operating System) and the software developers developing various OS platforms & using the scripting languages and/or API of the Microsoft's applications. The relationships life cycle ranges from the legacy support through the evangelizing potential offerings. The relationship management has been situated in the assorted media: newsletters, web sites, trade media, and developer conferences, DVD and blogs distribution. User can take the benefits of the features of the MSDN by buying it with MSDN Promo Code.

MSDN is a sites collection for developer community which provide discussion, documentation and information which is authored both by the community and the Microsoft at large. Recently, the Microsoft has placed an emphasis on the incorporation of social bookmarking, library annotations, blogs and incorporation of forums to make Microsoft Development Network an open dialogue using the developing community instead of a one way service. The MSDN main website and its constituent applications are available in 56 languages or more.

MSDN library is an official technical documentation which is content intended for users developing for the Microsoft Windows. MSDN Library has the APIs documents which ship with the products of Microsoft and it also includes technical articles, sample code and the other programming information. MSDN is available for free on DVDs and CDs and on the web for the paid MSDN subscribers. They can use the MSDN Promo Code 2017 to take the advantage of the special offers, exciting discounts, superb deals and gifts.

The disc version initially was available only as a part of a MSDN 2017 subscription and it was released on a quarterly basis (January, April, July & October). In recent times, however, (2006 and later), the MSDN could be downloaded freely from the Microsoft Download Center in the form of ISO images for DVD or CD releases are not published quarterly now. Instead, the schedule of its release is aligned now with the major software releases.

The Microsoft has started producing the community CD version of the MSDN Library available for free download as ISO images on the Download Center that contains only the updated content. The MSDN Library community distribution is aimed at the developers in those countries where the broadband internet connections aren't available readily. The edition of the Visual Studio Express integrated only with the MSDN Express Library, as it is aimed at users in countries where the broadband connections are not available readily.

The Visual Studio Express edition do integrates only with the MSDN Express Library, this is a subset of full MSDN Library, although either the MSDN edition could download freely and installed standalone. The MSDN Library in the Visual Studio 2017 is replaced with new Help System that is installed as the Visual Studio 2010 part installation. Library Manager Help is used for installing the Help Content books for covering selected topics. Users can use the MSDN Promo Code (Microsoft Development Network) to take the advantage of special offers, exciting deals, superb gifts and discounts while purchasing the MSDN at the Microsoft store.

MSDN Forums are web-based forums that are utilized by the community for discussing a wide range of the software development topics. They were migrated to all new platform during 2008 which provided latest features that are designed for improving efficiency such as a slide up post editor, AJAX filtering and an inline threads preview. MSDN blogs are a series of the Microsoft blogs that are hosted under the domain name Some of the blogs are dedicated to the product – for example PowerShell, Internet Explorer, Visual Studio or a version of product – for example Windows 8, Windows 7- while the others belong to the Microsoft employee – for example Michael Howard.

Social bookmarking on the MSDN Social was launched first in the year 2008. It was built on the new web platform which has user feeds and tagging at its core. The social bookmarking app goal is to provide the users a method where the developer members community can do the following:

  • Contribute to a quality database links on any of the topic from around the web. Users by filtering on a single or more tags (example – database and .net) can discover recent or popular links and later subscribe to the feed of the links.
  • They can find and then follow the experts' recommended sites. The users each page of the profile includes a feed of their contributions. They can also be discovers through the drop down menu on every bookmark.
  • They can also demonstrate the expertise links that displayed in the profile.
  • One can also store their links that are their favourite on online.

The initial app release provides genre standard feature which include import capabilities and bookmark. The web site of the MSDN is also starting for incorporating the feeds of the social bookmarks from the community and experts that are displayed alongside feeds from the relevant bloggers. However, Social Bookmarks were discontinued on 1st October, 2009.

The Gallery of the MSDN is a repository of the community authored code projects and samples. It was new in the year 2008; the purpose of this site is evolving to complement the Codeplex, the project of the open-source hosting site from the Microsoft. The users can use the MSDN coupon code to take the advantage of the special discounts, superb offers, exciting deals and great gifts while shopping at the Microsoft online store. The coupons are available at various online free coupon stores that are free for all customers.

Historically, MSDN has offered a subscription package where the developers have licenses and access to use nearly all the software of the Microsoft which has been released to the consumers. The subscriptions are sold to the customers on the annual bases and the cost may vary from around $ 2,000 - $ 20,000 USD per year for every single subscription and is offered for the subscribers in several tiers. Thus, the subscribers can use the free coupon code to buy the MSDN promo code at the Microsoft store online.

Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 Promo Code

In a blog post today called What's Next for Visual Studio, Microsoft announced the next version of its integrated development environment (IDE), Visual Studio 2019. Unfortunately, the firm didn't go into details about what will be included in the release, or what the new features will be.

visual studio 2019 promo code

It did say that it wants to make it a "simple, easy upgrade for everyone", and that Visual Studio 2019 will run alongside of VS2017, and it won't require a major OS upgrade. That means that it should support the same selection of operating systems that its predecessor did, including Windows 7 and 8.1. This is a bit surprising, given that we already know that Office 2019 will only work on Windows 10.

Microsoft said that its goals for VS2019 is to make it "faster, more reliable, more productive for individuals and teams, easier to use, and easier to get started with." In other words, it's going to be better in every way, including improvements to new features like Live Code and IntelliCode.

The firm also didn't provide a specific timeline for the release, but it said that it wants to release it "quickly and iteratively". There's no preview available yet, but Microsoft said that if you want to try out the latest and greatest features, you should be on the Visual Studio 2017 preview.