Professional Software

The right software can simplify all that you do. From work to home, and everywhere in between, with innovative software designed to help you streamline processes, expand your ideas, and express yourself creatively, you can do more in less time – and do it well. Discover just some of the software that can help you make quick work of all of your projects.

Visual Studio 2017: Get professional developer tools and services for building any app for any platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud. In addition, Visual Studio 2017 can also help you design, build, and manage complex enterprise applications, share code, prioritize and track work, and ship software for any language in a single package. Best of all Visual Studio 2017 can help you, and your teams, collaborate seamlessly, catch and correct quality issues early, debug, test, customize, and more.

Project: Transform the way you work with the latest Project software. With Project Professional 2016 and Project Standard 2016, you can seamlessly manage tasks, schedules and costs, create reports, and help ensure that processes and expectations are clear across your teams. And because it's designed to work with other Microsoft apps and cloud services, it's easy to integrate Project software into your current system.

Visio: Sharing data has never been easier. With Microsoft Visio Standard 2016 and Visio Professional 2016, you can synthesize and share complex data in a simple, streamlined format. By allowing you to create and share data-linked diagrams, Visio can help you explain data quickly, easily and clearly.

Photoshop: Organize and edit your photos with innovative software that's simple to use. Whether you choose Photoshop Elements 15, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 15, Premiere Elements 15, only, or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6, you'll find professional tools that allow you express yourself creatively.

Windows Server 2016 Standard: Support your current workloads and get new technologies that can help you transition to the cloud when you're ready. With Windows Server 2016 Standard, you can prepare to work in the cloud, and get new layers of security, and Azure-inspired innovation for the applications and infrastructure you rely on.

SQL Server 2016 Standard: With SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition, you'll not only get improved availability and greater scalability, up to 24 cores, but you'll also get the power to transform data and deliver actionable insights with modern reports.

Microsoft Store delivers the latest software programs for home and work. From Visual Studio 2017 to Visio and Photoshop – our innovative software gives you incredible functionality and security, so you can do more.